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How to delete Empty Folders in Windows/Android ?

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Remove Empty Folder

How to delete Empty Folders in Windows/Android ?

Howdy peeps, I hope all are good and safe, so today I’m going to share how to delete an empty folders from computer and android devices. Before continuing, let’s first talk about what is empty folder? An empty folder is something, for example “ A Home without member “ . In Computer storage device when we want to store something like our personal data ( image, video, text etc. ) we’ve to create a folder in which we store our data. While creating a new folder, initially the size of the folder is 0 bytes and by default the folder name created as “ New Folder “.

An Empty Folder Have 0 bytes, Why ?

An empty folder actually has a size of zero or none, it is not a bug. A file is indicated by an entry in the file index or file table (MFT for NTFS, FAT for FAT file system). This table is located in special position of the physical file system (e.g. hard disk) and holds address and meta data of each files. The file size is actual amount of space taken up by the file, this can be zero or any larger size. When a file has no data, it is empty (size = 0). In Windows files systems, size of a directory is the sum total of all files (and folders) in it. So, an empty directory has size zero.

Best Way to Delete Unnecessary Folders

When we install a software in our computer system, it comes with a lot of unnecessary folders too which is auto window system generated folders. These folder has some temporary files which is of no use but it occupy some space of storage disk, deleting it would not harm the device. So here I mentioned the best way to delete the unnecessary folders from computer and android devices without affecting the root of the device.

The two ways, one for Computer and other for android listed below is personally researched and used by our team so you all can trust and download. Tell us in comment section what rating you wants to give out of 10.

 Remove Empty Directories ( Windows )

Remove Empty Directories is a small tool that searches and deletes empty directories recursively and it shows the result in a well arranged tree. RED is probably  the most well known empty folder deleting tool. RED interface is designed in such a way that a first time user can easily familier with the tool.


 RED Features :

  • Shows empty directories before deleting them.
  • Supports multiple delete modes (including Delete to recycle bin).
  • Allows white and black listing of directories by using filter lists.
  • Can detect directories with empty files as empty.

 PurposeRemove Empty Folder.
 Source CodeGitHub
 Modification UnderGNU Lesser General Public License.

 Empty Folder Cleaner ( Android )

Empty Folder Cleaner is an app available on Google Play Store which allows you to delete all empty folders on your Android phone in one click. You can also delete empty folders from your external storage/memory card (root is required for this feature). This app can clean empty folders and other junk folders that are created by other apps. Now you can deep clean empty folder by this app. it’s a simple and lite app to clean empty junk folder.

Empty Folder Cleaner ( Android )

 Empty Folder Cleaner Features :

  • Scan ANDROID created folders – will not delete empty folders from the directories /LOST.DIR, /DCIM.
  • Log deleted empty folders – get the list of all the empty folders deleted.
  • This app will delete all of those old folders in a second.
  • Duplicate file remover.
  • Cache Cleaner.
Note : 
  • Empty Folder Cleaner app will also delete hidden folders from your phone (those starting with "." dot symbol).
  • Some empty folders may be created again automatically by the Android system or apps.
  • Folders containing ".nomedia" and other hidden files won't be deleted as they might be required by the system or apps which has created them.
  • If you don't want to delete folders from the directories /Android/data, /LOST.DIR, and /DCIM, then go to Settings and uncheck "Scan Android created folders" button.
 License( Free ) Available on PlayStore.
 PurposeEmpty Folder Cleaner.
 Install1M+ Download